Split Time Fiction

My love for this burgeoning genre…

The first split time novel I ever read was The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley. I was so grabbed by her writing and the weaving of her two storylines that the majority of books I’ve read since then have been within this genre. This style is so dear to my heart that I co-authored a non-fiction book with award-winning author Melanie Dobson about how to write it – A Split in Time: How to Write Dual Timeline, Split Time, and Time-Slip Fiction.

I also founded a Facebook group for fellow readers. Please check out our wonderful community at A Split in Time Fiction Group. Also check out my ever-growing list of split time fiction titles on the bookshelf of my Goodreads group, Split Time Fiction That Travels. Choose from a variety of labels to search novels by setting, time period, release year, historical event, and more. Another great resource is the website, splittimefiction.com.

Featured below are some of my favorite split time authors

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