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Wednesdays in the Past

WEDNESDAYS IN THE PAST will feature anything from a peek into the inspiration for one of my novels to a fascinating tidbit of history.

*THIS WEEK* — it’s a striking image that deeply resonates with me because…

Number One – it’s the heart of the dilemma for my main character in the past storyline of my WWII split time novel—a young woman who is a Nazi in 1938 Munich.


Number Two – because during my first visit to Munich I kept asking myself: “If I had lived here back then would I have done anything to help those being persecuted?”

View of the heart of Munich from St. Peter’s Tower. I climbed over 300 narrow stairs for this view. It was worth it.

It’s so easy to think you would have, but you were risking everything if you did. You and your family would quickly become a target if you were found out.

That’s one reason the average person who could stay under the radar of the Third Reich did nothing. It wasn’t that they all didn’t care, but it was pure fear of what would happen to them and their loved ones. If you look at it from that perspective everything isn’t so cut and dried. It’s complicated and most faced immediate death if they came between the Third Reich and their murderous agenda. Exploring these thoughts in my novel was fascinating to be sure.


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