Split Time Fiction That Travels

Stories laced with faith and set across the world

“Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before,
and God will call the past to account.”

-Ecclesiastes 3:15

Novel One

Historical Setting: WWII Europe (Germany, Belgium & Holland)

Never underestimate someone’s past. A young woman loses her dream job and in desperation works at a nursing home. There, she befriends a sweet lady with a lopsided bun and uncovers her startling past of how she was a Nazi.

Status: Editing/Preparing to Query

Novel Two

Historical Setting: 1912 England and India

Death doesn’t always bury secrets. A grieving actress unearths family secrets that intertwine with the forgotten manuscript of an Edwardian Suffragette and the lost treasure of an Indian maharajah.

Status: Writing

Novel Three


Historical Setting: 1760s Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Time does not heal but conceals what is lost. After losing her twin sister on 9/11, a young woman struggles to conceal her grief until forced to face the painful past and seek solace in the aged pages of a cookbook belonging to an 18th-century woman with sorrow all her own.

Status: Brainstorming

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