A Split in Time Companion Workbook:

How to Write Dual Timeline, Split Time, and Time-Slip Fiction

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What are the key elements to writing a time-slip novel? Where do you start in your plot? How do you weave together multiple storylines?

The A Split in Time companion workbook helps writers navigate the challenges of writing a novel with two or more storylines. This companion workbook is meant to be utilized along with A Split in Time: How to Write Dual Timeline, Split Time, and Time-Slip Fiction by Melanie Dobson and Morgan Tarpley Smith.

Within these pages you’ll find:

· Highlights and discussion questions about the thirteen key components of split time fiction

· Advice from award-winning novelists such as Kristy Cambron and Cathy Gohlke

· An analysis of multi-storyline techniques

· Worksheets to help weave together multiple timelines

· Exercises and lists to craft your ideas and build compelling split time characters plus more

Whether you are a seasoned writer ready for a new journey or a first-time novelist wanting to learn the split timeline format, this workbook provides the necessary skills to weave two or more compelling stories into one time-slip novel!


Endorsements for A Split in Time

A Split in Time is the only craft book I know devoted completely to writers who want to write in the time-slip genre. . .It’s an absolute must for anyone writing split time novels.”

Heidi Chiavaroli, award-winning author of The Tea Chest

“This book is a gold mine of information for those looking to write split time fiction. Highly recommend!”

Lindsay Harrel, best-selling author of The Secrets of Paper and Ink

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