Friday Book Love – The Forgotten Garden

Friday Book Love

The Forgotten Garden


by Kate Morton

England & Australia – 1900s, 1910s, 1970s & 2005

One of my favorite split time novels! Kate Morton’s creativity and writing style is incredible. I completely got lost in this novel and it held me spellbound to the explosive end. She is an exceptional writer. This novel has all the feels. I especially love the inclusion of Eliza’s fairy tales in the book.

About the Book

A tiny girl is abandoned on a ship headed for Australia in 1913. She arrives completely alone with nothing but a small suitcase containing a few clothes and a single book — a beautiful volume of fairy tales. She is taken in by the dockmaster and his wife and raised as their own.

On her twenty-first birthday they tell her the truth, and with her sense of self shattered and with very little to go on, “Nell” sets out on a journey to England to try to trace her story, to find her real identity. Her quest leads her to Blackhurst Manor on the Cornish coast and the secrets of the doomed Mountrachet family.

But it is not until her granddaughter, Cassandra, takes up the search after Nell’s death that all the pieces of the puzzle are assembled. At Cliff Cottage, on the grounds of Blackhurst Manor, Cassandra discovers the forgotten garden of the book’s title and is able to unlock the secrets of the beautiful book of fairy tales.

About the Author

KATE MORTON is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author. Her novels – The House at Riverton, The Forgotten Garden, The Distant Hours, The Secret Keeper, The Lake House and The Clockmaker’s Daughter – are published in over 40 countries, in 34 languages, and have all been number one bestsellers around the world. Visit Kate at her website:

The ebook is on sale today!


Have you read this book? What did you think?


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  1. Stephanie

    I love this book. I think it was the second book of hers I had read, and cemented her as one of my favorite storytellers. I still treasure one of her others just a little higher than this one, but this is definitely my second favorite book by her, for all of the reasons you mentioned in your post.

    • Morgan Tarpley Smith

      Awesome! This was the first of KM’s I read and I fell so in love with the story. I’ve read all of her books and enjoyed them overall. My next favorites of hers are The Lake House and The Secret Keeper. Which book is your favorite of hers? Also what do you think of The Clockmaker’s Daughter. It is by far my least favorite. It jumped around way too much.

      • Stephanie

        Yes. Clockmaker’s Daughter was a bit of a miss for me. I still enjoyed it but I wouldn’t recommend it as the first title for other readers. The Secret Keeper is at the top of my list. The twist I never saw coming. My jaw dropped to the floor.

        • Morgan Tarpley Smith

          Yep it was a definite miss and that was so disappointing. I wait with bated breath for her next release. No word yet on any details yet.

          Oh yes that twist at the end was WOW!!

  2. Carole Johnson

    I love this book! It is my favorite of Kate Morton’s novels.


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